Potomac really helped me organize my schedules and essay questions for each school! I felt like the pacing of essay-writing pushed me to stay on top of my work, yet was still reasonable and allowed me to think through and reflect deeply on my life so far. I was able to write every single application before the early ones were due, and Potomac’s support was a large part in keeping me motivated and on task!

C.G. will attend University of Pennsylvania

Potomac’s college admissions service was excellent for two major reasons: first, they made sure I was on schedule for the whole process, and second, it was great being able to vet ideas and get advice from a person experienced with college admissions. They were at my side through the whole journey.

J.S. will attend Stanford University

Potomac was invaluable in my college admissions process. From crafting the personal statement to fine-tuning my activities/honors sections, it helped me create a persuasive and successful college application.

J.L. will attend University of Pennsylvania

Our consultant helped our son transform his narrative and themes from coal to diamonds to present a cohesive application that accurately and faithfully portrayed who he is to admissions.

C.C. admitted to University of Chicago

I thought this was an incredibly helpful service. Ms. Elisa helped me throughout my entire application cycle. From working together on selecting a list of colleges to proofreading my online forms, Ms. Elisa never stopped until she believed all of my applications were the best they could be. I would definitely recommend her to anyone applying to college because she makes the process so much more manageable.

E.G. (Attending Princeton University)

As an international student, I was completely unfamiliar with the American college admission process. Ms. Elisa was integral at every single step. We researched different programs and planned out my college visits. She also helped me reach out to my high school teachers for letters of recommendation. She reminded me to order and send my standardized test scores, edited my essays, supplements, and resumes, and proofread every single one of my applications. In the end, I got into my dream school: Northwestern University.

A.Z. (Attending Northwestern University)

Not only did I get into several of my reach schools, but I also got a scholarship from my dream school. I don’t think my application cycle would have ended with such great results without Ms. Elisa.

N.Y. (Attending University of Southern California)

Excellent feedback! Ms. Elisa helped me develop topics and gave me detailed advice on my subsequent drafts. With her in my corner, I gained admission into my top choice college. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants assistance with their college applications.

N.K. (Attending Carnegie Mellon University)

Ms. Elisa is very punctual and returned my essays quickly. I really appreciated how she put in comments explaining her feedback. This helped me to both understand her mentality and learn from my mistakes.Thank you so much for all the time you put into editing my essays! I feel that my applications are a hundred times better and so much stronger.

S.C. (Attending University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)