Potomac Admissions is dedicated to helping students throughout their entire application process. From helping students create a list of appropriate colleges to advising them on essays and supplements, we make sure that our students present the best possible admissions package.

Our approach is time ­tested and proven to be effective. Our experience working with students of all different backgrounds has provided us with invaluable expertise. Our flexibility allows us to work with students at any stage of the application process.

Whether you are a high school senior looking to create a balanced list of colleges, an undergraduate student looking to transfer, or a prospective graduate student, we can help!

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Meet some of our college consultants

Bethany G.

Bethany brings with her over a decade of experience as a college consultant, with a keen focus on guiding students through the complex college admissions process. Having graduated as a first-generation college student from the University of Chicago, she intimately understands the hurdles and nuances of college admissions. Her strong writing skills, combined with her expertise in college matching and organizational abilities, make her exceptionally equipped to advise high school, undergraduate, and graduate students through all parts of the admissions process, from initial college research to application packaging and final decision guidance. Her valuable insights and advice have been showcased in respected publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, Newsday, and USA Today. Beyond her Bachelor’s from the University of Chicago, Bethany holds a Masters in Education and a second Masters in Nonprofit Management.


Krista S.

Krista S. (B.A., English & Linguistics, Northeastern University; Ed. M., Prevention Science and Practice, Harvard Graduate School of Education) has been guiding students at public, charter, and independent schools through the college admissions process for over ten years. Krista started her career as an AP Literature and Honors English teacher, and after years of helping all of her students write personal statements for college, she transitioned to college guidance counseling full-time.At Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Krista focused on the intersection of college counseling and adolescent development. She loves helping students craft their personal statement so that they can present themselves to colleges from a position of strength. Krista is a member of several regional branches of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, through which she actively participates in committees to improve the college admissions process for both colleges and applicants.


Corinne “Coco” G.

Corinne (Coco) has been a college admissions counselor for more than six years. She considers herself to be a cheerleader for students’ higher education dreams and especially enjoys helping clients to discover and celebrate their strengths. Her guidance has helped students to be accepted to Ivy League universities, public university/college honors programs, dozens of elite liberal arts colleges, and top graduate programs in law, medicine, business, and the humanities. Coco has been certified by Columbia University in college advising, and she has been certified by Harvard University in editing/publishing. She received her Master’s in writing from the University of Texas at Austin on a fellowship and also studied at the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop on a fellowship. Her undergraduate degree is from U.S.C., where she majored in English, was a Thematic Option honors scholar, and studied, through an exchange program, at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.
Coco is also an award-winning author; she won the National Poetry Series and has had two books published by Viking Penguin. Six of her poems have been included in Best American Poetry. She also has won multiple teaching awards, including honors from the University of Texas at Austin’s alumni association. She is the proud mother of two seniors at Columbia University and enjoys hiking, sculpting, and gardening.



Justin N.

Justin taught writing and the humanities for 17 years between the high school and college levels. An independent admissions consultant for 13 years, he is the author of the 2014 book “Is It Easy Being Green? Writing the New College Application Essay.” The book teaches college applicants the genre of personal narrative, his specialty.A native of Southern California, Justin holds a BA in French and English from UC Santa Barbara, an interdisciplinary master’s degree in the humanities from The University of Chicago, and a PhD in English from the State University of New York, Binghamton University.


Elisa S.

Having worked on admissions committees at top universities, Elisa has helped many students get into their top choice schools. She helps students to create a balanced list of schools, navigates them through the complexities of the application process, and helps them craft compelling personal narratives.Highly sought after by undergraduate and graduate school applicants alike, Elisa attended the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Education for her own Master’s in Higher Education. She is also a graduate of University of Virginia’s Law School and New York University (summa cum laude).


George T.

A graduate of Princeton University, George has a passion for helping students craft compelling narratives. As a founding member of Rosemary’s House, a writer’s retreat providing immersive workshops led by New York Times Bestselling authors to foster the talents of emerging writers, George believes every student has a unique and memorable story to share. Excelling at helping students identify and articulate their unique strengths, experiences, and passions, and thereby ensuring that their essays effectively showcase their individuality, George draws upon his unique blend of technical expertise and exceptional writing abilities to guide students through the admissions process.



E.G. (Attending Princeton University)

“I thought this was an incredibly helpful service. Ms. Elisa helped me throughout my entire application cycle. From working together on selecting a list of colleges to proofreading my online forms, Ms. Elisa never stopped until she believed all of my applications were the best they could be. I would definitely recommend her to anyone applying to college because she makes the process so much more manageable.”

E.G. (Attending Princeton University)

A.Z. (Attending Northwestern University)

“As an international student, I was completely unfamiliar with the American college admission process. Ms. Elisa was integral at every single step. We researched different programs and planned out my college visits. She also helped me reach out to my high school teachers for letters of recommendation. She reminded me to order and send my standardized test scores, edited my essays, supplements, and resumes, and proofread every single one of my applications. In the end, I got into my dream school: Northwestern University.”

A.Z. (Attending Northwestern University)

N.Y. (Attending University of Southern California)

“Not only did I get into several of my reach schools, but I also got a scholarship from my dream school. I don’t think my application cycle would have ended with such great results without Ms. Elisa.”

N.Y. (Attending University of Southern California)

N.K. (Attending Carnegie Mellon University)

“Excellent feedback! Ms. Elisa helped me develop topics and gave me detailed advice on my subsequent drafts. With her in my corner, I gained admission into my top choice college. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants assistance with their college applications.”

N.K. (Attending Carnegie Mellon University)

S.C. (Attending University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

“Ms. Elisa is very punctual and returned my essays quickly. I really appreciated how she put in comments explaining her feedback. This helped me to both understand her mentality and learn from my mistakes. Thank you so much for all the time you put into editing my essays! I feel that my applications are a hundred times better and so much stronger.”

S.C. (Attending University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)