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Potomac Admissions offers both undergraduate and graduate admission assistance tailored to the requirements of any program. Before a student selects a plan, he or she is invited to meet with our college admissions expert for a free consultation. During the consultation, our admissions experts will assess the student’s needs and recommend the most optimal route to his or her admissions goal. The options are outlined on this page. For more information, please inquire below.

Admission Package Features



Available for Questions
College List | Comprehensive Check
College List | Personalized Recommendations
EA/ED & Major Strategies
Essay BrainstormingUnlimited
Essay Editing
SAT/ACT Submissions Strategies
Letter of Recommendation Strategies
Resume Drafting
Application Management
Application ReviewsUnlimited
Mock Interviews
Deferral/Waitlist Consulting
Post-Admissions Decision Making
Number of Colleges912
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A la carte

Under the A La Carte package all of the above features are optional.Includes as many hours as needed to complete a set number of applications as determined by each student.
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Admission Packages

Graduate School

This comprehensive package is for undergraduate students, looking to maximize their chances of gaining admission into graduate schools or law schools. The package includes virtual meetings, providing students with everything they need to apply to graduate programs with confidence, including help generating a list of graduate options, strategic course selection, essay writing, task and deadline management, and much more.Find Out More